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Top 5 Destinations For Tourism in Summer 2021

Top 5 Destinations For Tourism in Summer 2021

Summer tourism

Summer tourism is one of the most essential items for families around the world, and summer is the peak of the tourist season, as most of us are planning how to spend the summer vacation many months before it.

As travelers try to compare destinations to choose the best, Buzz & Benefit offers its reader a list of the best summer vacation spots for this year, in the next report.

1- Monterey (California)

Monterey California

One of the biggest advantages of Monterey, California, is that it is the filming location for the series Big Little Lies, which was a huge hit, turning the city into an ideal tourist destination.

The city overlooks the Pacific Ocean, allowing travelers to enjoy a cool breeze, and to try local delicacies and fresh vegetables that are cooked especially in the summer.

2- Budapest (Hungary)

Budapest Hungary

Summer is the most ideal time to visit Budapest, as a summer festival is held every year, which includes concerts and booths to try unique foods, and it is customary to celebrate August 20 around the city in what is known as "Stefan's Day", which corresponds to Independence Day in America.

Budapest is famous for organizing Danube bike tours in the summer, which start from Vienna and end in Budapest.

3- Seattle (Washington)

Seattle Washington

Seattle shines bright in the summer compared to other seasons, as a marine exhibition takes place in August, and the sky appears clear blue, and the trees appear bright green.

And in the summer there is the Bumbershoot Festival, which includes musical performances, attended by top American music stars.

4- Berlin (Germany)

Berlin Germany

This year in Berlin, a Hundred Mile Run is held, in which the contestants run along the famous Berlin Wall, in honor of those who lost their lives or were arrested while trying to escape in search of freedom.

Visiting Berlin in the summer is a good occasion to learn about German culture, imbibe its customs, and at the same time enjoy the festive activities that take place during this period.

5- Buffalo (New York)

Buffalo New York

The city of Buffalo is not appreciated enough, despite having various factors of entertainment and enjoyment, especially as the city has a tourist beach, and a food festival called "feast" that includes local and modern meals.

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