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People like to explore space and understand it better because of the many mysteries and secrets it hides.  So we're going to give you some facts about space to find out some things we don't know without going to space.  Space contains trillions of galaxies and things that the human mind may not understand.  Here are some facts about the vast space.

Facts About Space

 1- There is a deer missing

The eccentric astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) believed that the moon and sun orbit around the earth, but that other planets orbit the sun.  And Tycho has classified many stars and things and has a crater on the surface of the moon called after him, and the remains of a colony named after him.  However, his strange behavior may be interesting.  And he wore a fake nose from dispersal after losing his real nose in a sword fight, and he also had a pet (deer) who died falling on the stairs after drinking many drinks.  And when his body was exhumed and examined in 2010, scientists discovered that a bladder burst may be the cause of his death, and not the poisoning on Mercury by a colleague, as it was said.

2- The term astronaut is a Greek word in origin

And it is the word "Aston" which means a star, and "nuts" which means sea.

3- You can cry in space, but your tears will not fall

Onboard the International Space Station, water floats like bubbles or balls.  But the water will stick to a surface until it is removed.  This means that the tears will start to form bubbles around your eyes as the weight-free environment does not cause the tears to fall.  This sounds really cool, but it can be dangerous.  European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano suffered a space suit leak during a spacewalk.  The water covered his eyes and ears after seeping into his helmet.  Fortunately, he returned to the space station unharmed, or else he would have sunk in space.

4. Dirty underwear and toilet paper helped plants grow on the International Space Station

American astronaut Don Petit discovered that folding a pair of underwear into a spherical shape and placing them in Russian toilet paper (which is thick wool that resembles gauze), created a warmer environment for some tomato seeds and basil to begin to bloom.  Because socks and underwear are changed every 3-4 days, they may provide some additional nutrients to the plants.

5- Nebula comes in all shapes and sizes

Nebula means cloud in Latin.  These are regions where stars originate or regions where a star has died.  Cosmic clouds (nebulae) come in all shapes and sizes, and are made of interstellar dust and gases.  There's the Christmas Tree Nebula, the Horsehead Nebula, the Unicorn, the Hand, the Fried Egg, and much more.  These beautiful clouds, invisible to the naked eye, highlight the fact that there is so much happening in the sky during the night that we cannot see it.



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