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5 facts about space you didn't know

People like to explore space and understand it better because of the many mysteries and secrets it hides.  So we're going to give you some facts about space to find out some things we don't know without going to space.  Space contains trillions of galaxies and things that the human mind may not understand.  Here are some facts about the vast space.

Facts about space

1- You will get taller in space

Another change in the human body occurs in the presence of weak gravity, as the spine stretches because gravity pushes you down.  In fact, the extra length can be up to 5cm.

2- The weather is very bad

Sometimes on Earth, especially in Northern Ireland, the weather can be a bit bad. Despite that, our weather is great compared to some other planets.  The planet Jupiter has fast winds, and a large red spot has formed on its surface, which is a big storm similar to a hurricane over the past 300 years.  And Mars and Mercury are exposed to severe temperature changes on the same day.  Venus is 5 times hotter than boiling water.  Saturn and Uranus also have very fast winds.  While Neptune is the worst of them, with winds reaching 1,600 miles per hour.

3- Space is not as far away as it seems

Space officially begins at the global mark of the Karman line.  And this invisible border is 100 km above the earth's surface.  In theory, if you could drive up, you might reach space in less than an hour.

4- The hottest planet is not the one closest to the sun

Although Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, it is not the hottest planet.  Mercury does not contain any atmosphere, which makes it a hot planet during the day when it directly faces the sun.  In this case, its temperature may reach 425 ° C, but at night, the temperature drops sharply, until it reaches -180 ° C below zero.  And Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, as its thick clouds trap the sun's heat, making Venus always at 500 degrees Celsius.

5- The moon appears larger on the horizon

There is an optical illusion that makes the moon larger the lower it is in the sky.  This apparent enlargement is not limited by our atmosphere, but it is a mental trick.  And when the moon is closer to the horizon, it will be closer to things like buildings and trees, and this makes the moon appear larger.  However, there are times when the moon is actually bigger.  Whereas, when it orbits in its orbit, it may be closer to the Earth or at its farthest point from the Earth.  And this happens once a month because of the moon's rotation around the earth.  Usually, this is not noticeable to the eye.  But when the moon is in the state of a full moon and is at the closest point to the earth at the same time, the moon is at its largest size and it is called the super moon (super moon), and in this case its size increases by 12-14% from its normal rate.



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